Kamaldien means perfection with integrity, superiority, distinction, and accomplishment. The family is blessed with a rich cultural history from Africa, Asia, and Europe. This unique medley of ethnicities fused in the Cape of Good Hope produced several generations of passionate artists, diamond connoisseurs and jewellers of distinction. Kamaldien is proudly South African


The House of Kamaldien chronicle is about triumph over adversity underpinned by commitment, dedication, and hard work.

More than 60 years ago, Yusuf Kamaldien dreamed of crafting beautiful jewellery embedded with deep meaning, symbolising elegance and prosperity and success. He believed that jewellery are more than adornment, they symbols that must reflect a story. He took inspiration from nature to create quintessential fine jewellery with nature’s most exquisite diamonds, and array of gems and luxurious metals.

Yusuf Kamaldien was subjected to severe oppression and restrictions from the previous apartheid regime of South Africa, which prejudiced people of colour from developing and flourishing. However, he passionately and secretly developed and honed his craft. Today the house of Kamaldien is recognised as an icon in the jewellery industry. The brand symbolises confidence and provides hope to many South Africans.

Kamaldien trademark skills and secrets were handed down from generation to generation, and now the third generation have evolved into flourishing prestigious jewellery house.

The Kamaldien team is like family; clients become friends and part of the extended family, maintaining relationships with Kamaldien generation after generation.

Our Vision and Purpose

To manufacture quintessential jewellery pieces that communicate authentic messages expressing the way you feel. A Kamaldien creation is a symbol of emotion and commitment that represents longevity and prosperity.

Whether it is crystalising a relationship with a loved one, articulating a ‘thank you’ or commitment that says ‘I love you’.

To develop open relationships based on integrity with clients and all stakeholders.

Our Mission

To contribute to an authentic, ethical, and sustainable world and we passionately serve and strive to deliver service excellence and exceed our client’s expectations. We do this through continuous growth and improvement and continuous dedication to excellence in every aspect and touch point. We believe in cultivating a better world. We ensure that all diamonds and resources are responsibly sourced and conflict free.

Our Core Values

The Kamaldien credo is based on their family values of authenticity, integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. Kamaldien is inspired by the beauty and grace of nature to make jewellery that speaks in its own language. A Kamaldien piece is crafted with heart and soul and is designed to bring joy and triumph and symbolise meaningful relationships.

Our Craft

The House of Kamaldien thrive on the skills and trade secrets that has been handed down for three generations. To date, the house of Kamaldien continues to manufacture in their own workshop their classic and timeless designs. In addition, the design team visits the international jewellery exhibitions and ensures that they are abreast with the latest international trends and technology. By investing in the latest technological developments in jewellery design and manufacturing, the House of Kamaldien ensures that the clients have a world class experience.


Abdul Ghafoor Kamaldien, the CEO is responsible for the vision and direction of the brand. He is a Graduate Gemmologist and trained jewellery manufacturing, ‘on the bench’, under the nurturing eye of his father, Yusuf Kamaldien. Further, he holds certificates in marketing management, BA honours and MA Degrees as well as an executive MBA from University of Cape Town. Abdul studied diamonds and gemstones with the Gemological Institute of America. He proudly earned numerous certificates, diplomas, and accolades from the Jewellery Council of South Africa, De Beers, Gem Education Centre, and The Diamond Training College, South Africa.

The Kamaldien Client

The Kamaldien Client are discerning and meticulous. The client portfolio includes members of the Royal family, celebrities, members of the South African cricket and rugby teams, English premier league soccer players, high profile personalities from South Africa which includes those from the political and business fraternities. 

Kamaldien clients have become part of the extended family with relationships that continues from generation to generation. 

Concierge Services and Bespoke Design

Kamaldien offers personalised services which help discerning buyers to source specific or rare diamonds and gems, or the design and creation of bespoke pieces or art.

Professional Valuations

We do professional valuations on jewellery for insurance and estates.

Refurbish and Polishing

We refurbish your jewellery to look like new. We recommend that you bring your Kamaldien jewellery in once a year for cleaning and polishing, this will ensure that it always looks good and extraordinary.

Jewellery Repairs and Care

Repairs are done in-house in our own workshop. We treat all jewellery with special care.  

Bring your jewellery to our store every 6-12 months for inspection. While your jewellery may need minor maintenance and repairs, regular inspection and service can prevent more substantial and expensive problems from developing.