Timeless luxury,

Passionately Crafted,

Unrivalled Brilliance.


Every Kamaldien piece tells a story of opulence and refinement.

The Luxurious Diamond Bracelet

Experience the natural beauty of the ever-sparkling round brilliant cut diamond nestled in individual gold baskets creating a glamorous line of diamonds wrapped around the wrist, this iconic timeless design come in array of sizes.


Perfectly matched, perfectly balanced, created for a perfect love. Discover your classic diamond stud earrings crafted to suit every occasion.


Kamaldien celebrates love with an exquisite selection of engagement rings. Rings designed and crafted using only the most luxurious metals, fine diamonds and gemstones, carefully hand selected by our team of diamond experts and Gemologists.


Kamaldien creations are inspired by the beauty and grace of nature to make jewellery that speaks in a language of its own. It is crafted with heart and soul and is designed to bring joy and triumph, symbolising meaningful relationships.


The House of Kamaldien understands that every diamond is unique like every human being. Therefore Diamonds are carefully reviewed and selected by our skilled graduate gemmologist, ensuring that they not only meet the high technical standards but are also beautiful, showing off maximum brilliance and sparkle. Kamaldien is uniquely positioned to offer specialist concierge diamond service.

The House

The House of Kamaldien crafts beautiful jewellery embedded with deep meaning, symbolising elegance, prosperity and success. Kamaldien jewellery are more than adornment, they are symbols that reflect a story.